Join as a Reseller

As an online Babykarts channel partner we would onboard potential resellers on our online selling platform. Once onboard, you would have access to a range of our products that you could offer or sell to your prospective targeted customers. As a reseller you can chose between either of the below mentioned programs at your own will and convenience:

1. OFFLINE MODEL - As an offline seller you can suggest our products to your family members, friends or anyone known within your social circle and make a purchase on their behalf on

2. ONLINE MODEL - As an online reseller you can send coupons created exclusively for you as a reseller to your contacts. Any purchase/s made using such coupon codes assigned to you would make you eligible to earn a % commission on the products thus purchased by your contact.

Terms & Conditions

1. Cash on Delivery option is not applicable for online resellers.

2. Resellers will have to make the payment upfront on selected products.

3. Commissions on products purchased would be calculated based on number of time a coupon code associated with a reseller would be used towards making a purchase on our website

4. Prices mentioned on our website are including any applicable taxes

5. Prices include shipping costs unless exclusively specified for certain products


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