Bestway Hut Sun Printed Play House for Kids 40" x 30" x 45" (Multicolor)

SKU: N-BW-52007
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- Estimated Handling Time: 3 days

Your little prince or princess will have hours of fun with this NHR Playhouse Tent! It features a foldable frame, crawls in the entrance, rolls up the door, and peep through the window for visibility. Kids will love to spend time all on their own in this play tent. It is multipurpose can be used at home as well as can be used while outing or camping. This tent is easy to set up and gives a realistic look. This tent has bright colors to fuel kid's imaginations for hours of indoor and outdoor play. It is made of durable material that is easy to clean and quick dry. It is compact making it ideal for camping, traveling. From the playroom to the backyard, this tent creates a dreamy space for children to expand their imagination.

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