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NHR Blaze Storm Motorized Customizable Soft Foam Ball Long-Distance Blaster Toy , Barrel Extension, 12 Foam Balls, Foldable Bipod

SKU: GUN_ZC_7088
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NHR Blaze Storm Motorized Soft Ball Gun, 12 Soft Balls Included Around 20 inches, the gun is near to a real specialized gun. The designing of the gun is done by keeping in mind the comfort of usage as well as good firepower Good fire range of around 30 Feet. 12 Soft Balls Included.Rounds refill bullet balls can experience ultimate precision and intense competition. Fill the foam ball into the gun, pull the gun's rear rod to inhale the air, push the rear rod and shoot the foam ball This blaze storm toy comes with 12 soft guns that scream through the air when launched so the opponent will see and hear them coming. Softballs are completely safe for kids. These are made of foam fiber, completely harmless.Start practicing your aim with this toy jumble high-speed balls. That would help increase the self-confidence of the child. These soft foam balls will be shot out like the real guns’ sound, but actually, the balls are soft and harmless. Easier to reload the darts; No jamming issue, easy to carry and lightweight. This gun enhances the skills and provides a dominating advantage over your opponent in the fighting game , Electric motor and 8-round drum allow super-fast shooting, as the blaster automatically readies the next foam ball with each pull of the trigger.A customizable design lets you add a detachable stock to the blaster to rest it on your shoulder and rifle off foam balls with high precision.Always be ready to reload and fire with ball storage clips attached to each side for enough rounds to keep friends running for cover.Attach the included bipod in the front to rest your blaster, then look through the scope to hit your target even from long distances.

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