NHR Combo Pack of Digital Non- Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer with 2 KN95 Anti Pollution Face Masks

SKU: Thermometer_HG01_2_Kn95
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NHR brings Combo Pack of Digital Infrared Thermometers plus 2 sets of KN95 masks. NHR's high precision thermometer's accurate calculation reflects the real temperature of the human body. This ergonomically designed thermometer is suitable for all ages, adults, infants, and elders. This hi-tech thermometer has multiple settings like C / F adjustable, Color LED backlight, Auto shut-down, and power-saving, Data Memory, High-temperature warning, etc. It gives temperature reading in just 1 second. It is compact and lightweight and is easy to carry. It can be used both on the human body as well as inanimate objects. The thermometer comes along a manual booklet for more details. NHR's brings ISO 9001 Quality Assured and CE Certified KN95 Face Masks. These are perfect fit masks that cover your nose, mouth, and chin. They have a filtration efficiency of 95%. These masks protect the wearer from sprays, splashes, and large-particle droplets as well as prevent the spread of potentially infectious respiratory secretions from the wearer to others.

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