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NHR Foldable Metal, Portable, Anti Slip, Wall Hanging Bed Ironing Board

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Ironing can be a backbreaking job without the right tools to assist you. This NHR table top steel ironing board certainly makes it a breeze. Now, iron your clothes even in congested places. The iron board with dimensions of 74*34*14 cms can be placed on a table, bed or any flat surface for comfortable ironing. The frame constitutes of a metallic mesh base and rust-proof metallic legs with rubber feet cap that are sturdy and are easily foldable. It has hanging hook for easy storage. The mesh base is covered with felt padding that reflects the heat, allowing for more efficient ironing. The felt padding is covered with 100% cotton fabric to ensure that clothes do not stick to the base. Designed for easy use, it provides you with a comfortable but stable surface while ironing. The steel ironing board can be folded when not in use and becomes a compact sized board that can be stored easily without occupying much space. This ensures it saves space at your home. The next time you want to iron clothes, you won't have to rely on the couch or the bed.

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