NHR Smart Kick Scooter, 3 Adjustable Height, Foldable,Front Wheel light & PVC Wheels for 3 to 8 Years Kids (Blue)

SKU: Scooter_XKG-009P_Blue
*The perfect scooter for the external environment As mentioned above, this scooter has 3 PVC wheels. These wheels help kids to ride the scooter on harsh surfaces as well. Kids can ride this scooter on hard roads, fluffy carpet, polished floor, and wet grass conveniently. *Trendy front light makes it look more amazing It is available in basically two colors. The pink one suits perfectly for the girl gang. While for boy’s squad this scooter is available in blue color. Thus, all the kids can choose their favorite color in the scooter. *Sturdy build with adjustable height Other prominent features of this scooter are its amazing body. The frame of this scooter is made up of high-quality metal to provide it the rigidness. While the handle and the base are made of rubber and plastic respectively to provide a tighter grip to the kids.
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Usually, kids ride scooters in parks or outside the house. But, to carry along the scooter with its full size becomes a difficult task. To overcome this portability issue, Scooter has a foldable structure, which means one can fold this scooter very compactly and carry it along wherever they want to. Apart from that, this scooter has very appealing features. The most prominent one being its front wheel light. Kids usually prefer the things that glow. The front two wheels of this scooter have such functionality. The front wheels of this scooter start to glow by only pressing a button. The light adds a little funkiness to the scooter. Also, this scooter has amendable heights for the grown-up kids. The scooter is of excellent quality materials that ensure the scooter lasts long. It has three wheels made up of PVC. The wheels provide stability and durability to the scooter. Kids enjoy the lean and steer mechanism once they learn to properly balance this scooter. This scooter is available in beautiful colors that automatically show-offs the beauty of the scooter. The kids basically like the overall look of the scooter because of their favorite superhero or cartoon stickers on the scooter.

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