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NHR Smart Kick Scooter, 3 Adjustable Height, Front Wheel Light & PU Wheels (3 to 8 Years Kids, Blue)

SKU: Scooter_S500_ Blue
(29% Off)
*An agile scooter With the strong PU wheels, this scooter is considerably flexible. Your kid can ride this bicycle on various surfaces, including grass, cement, and carpet well. The wheels additionally have safety brakes to avoid any kind of mishappenings. *Magnificent look As a kid, we always prefer something that has beautiful colors and attractive designs. Although, this scooter doesn’t have an excellent imprint. But, its classic look is what attracts the kids most. *Supercool colorful front lights Your kid is going to love this scooter because of the front light it has. The lights will reflect the chubby and colorful personality of your kids and will let them shine. With the front headlights, your kid can ride this bicycle at night as well. Kids enjoy riding this scooter with the lights on. *Scooter grows as your kids grow With the adjustable handle, this scooter grows with your kids. As the height of kids increases, you can increase the height of the handle of this scooter as well. Your kid can use the same old scooter after renovating its height as a bit. *A durable frame is all you need to Get rid of your kid breaking all his toys? This scooter is going to be a challenge for them. You can’t doubt the rigidness of this scooter. It is made up of reliable material and absolutely ensures the safety of your kids
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A robust and dynamic frame is all you want from a kid's scooter. Well, Scooter S500 is available with a decent build and handsome features. A smooth ride is all your kid wishes from his scoter, and this scooter will provide an effortless ride with a firm grip on the ground. The adjustable height of this scooter makes it more welcoming than ever. Are you facing the issue where your kid is unable to use this scooter due to height constraints? Scooter S500 has the option to dynamically increase its height. Thus, your toddler can use this scooter while growing. With the robust body, it ensures the perfect safety of your kids. The string PU wheels perfectly ensure the ideal riding environment for your kids. The charismatic look of this scooter is primarily because of its great layout and attractive colors. You have multiple choices in terms of color while choosing the perfect scooter for your toddler. The beautiful lights at the front make this scooter super cool. And, this scooter will make your kids superstar. Made up of excellent material, this scooter has a unique design to make it last longer. Ultimately, this scooter totally helps to enhance the coordination skills among the kids. Also, their balance is going to improvise while riding this scooter.

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