Nhr Smart Kick Scooter, 3 Adjustable Height & Light PU Wheels (3 to 8 Years Kids, Pink)

SKU: Scooter_818_Pink
*Enhances skills of kids The scooter has a unique design and due to which it operates when kids lean on the handlebar. The speed of the scooter totally depends upon the leaning. It eventually helps to increase their motor skills and balance. *Unique design that supports kids, This scooter has three wheels that help in the ideal balancing of kids. The PU wheels are reliable and provide a perfect grip and balance to the scooter. Moreover, the robust and premium quality build of this scooter makes it stable and durable enough for bigger kids *Eye-catching colors The colors in which this scooter is available are considerably appealing. They not only give it a cute look but boosts the overall layout. It is available in a light-dark combination of blue, green, and pink colors. The colors are behind the charm of this scooter. *Variable height Almost all the parents fear that their kids will not be able to ride the same scooter their kids are riding currently in a few months or so. Scooter 818 has an amendable height, thus your kids can use this scooter as long as they become 10 or more years old.
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Scooter 818 is a primary scooter for kids fulfilled with all the safety precautions along with a great look. Usually, while considering scooters for kids, we try to look for something that has an attractive layout, magnificent features, and a sturdy body. Well, Scooter 818 is a complete combo of all the specifications mentioned above. Whether it being beautiful colors or the durable build, this scooter is a number one in all of them. It has strong PU wheels that provide a very rigid grip on various surfaces. Your kid can enjoy the scooter ride in the park, at home, or on roads as well. This scooter helps them build some valuable skills like the perfect balance, hand-eye coordination. The most prominent feature that your toddler is going to love about this scooter is it is front and backlights. The colorful light makes it glow differently at night. Along with this, it has an adjustable handlebar too. You can increase or decrease the overall size of the scooter as per your toddler’s need by changing the height of its handle. The handlebar provides a perfect grip to the toddler while riding the scooter. Made up of excellent quality of material, this scooter last longer.

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