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NHR UV Careful Inflatable Fruit Printed Kiddie Pool for Kids (94 x 89 x 79 cm, Multi Color)

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Small Size If you are looking for a pool, which is perfect for a single kid and doesn’t require large storage space, even when inflated, then the NHR UV protection pool is perfect for your toddler. Provides 50+ UPF Protection While playing in a pool in your backyard during summers, harmful UV rays can directly come in contact with your kid’s skin and can harm it significantly. The pro of getting this pool is that it comes with a rooftop. Thus, no need to worry about UV rays as it blocks more than 99.5% harmful UV rays. Additionally, your toddler can store some of his important stuff on the rooftop while playing. Attractive Print Along with a unique rooftop design, it has fruits printed all around the pool, which interests the toddlers. Ensures Comfort and Safety of Kids Not just this, being inflatable, this pool is padded and comfortable for toddlers to play in it, even if you have set it up in your backyard or hard floor.

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