Paramount Luxury Yoga Mat Anti Skid Yogamat for Gym Workout and Flooring Exercise - Long Size Yoga Mat for Men Women (with Carry Strap) (4mm,Grey)

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About Product: The "Paramount" Yoga Mat is what you need for all your yoga exercises at home. The mat is padded for comfortable activity, ensuring that you won't be damaging your knees and feet while carrying out your yoga postures. The mat is also designed to prevent skidding so you won't find yourself slipping out of place in the middle of your session. Textured Non-Slip Surface.  The yoga and exercise mat features a textured non-slip surface for enhanced traction. This type of reliable traction is important for stability and to safely maintain poses--anything from warrior one or downward dog to extended side-angle pose or plank. Just as useful for beginners new to floor-exercise routines as it is for experienced yogis, the AmazonBasics mat helps ensure you get the most out of your workout. Easy Roll-up, The mat is easy to roll up and storage takes very little space. It is the ideal product for exercising at home, meeting the criteria of comfort, purpose, and economy. Beginning your yoga session is as simple as unfurling the mat, placing it on the ground, and kicking off! Available in Multi Colors, Find a color that suits your style. Colors can be a mindful expression of your personality while creating harmony and supporting your intentions. Lightweight, Durable Foam: The Paramount mat offers an enhanced level of thickness to support your body throughout all types of routines, especially during restorative poses. Special Feature: Mat for yoga, Pilates, and other floor exercises Textured non-slip surface for excellent traction made of lightweight, durable foam Sizes Available: 6mm, 8mm Ideal for home yoga sessions.

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