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SYN6 Kohli Syndicate, Well Balanced Cricket Tennis Bat Crafted from Fine Wood (Size: Harrow)

SKU: SS-0260
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By taking a fresh approach to bat making using science & design thinking, we at SYN6 aim to provide world-class bats to customers at affordable prices. Our bats provide you traditional shape and are styled with durable performance. These bats are toe protected for high durability and also for maintaining the moisture level. Light Weight & Durable: Each full size bat is lightweight at only 700-850gm, allowing you to hit the ball with both speed and power. With the right weight, you will be able to time the ball better and ultimately make more runs. Easy, Comfortable Grip: Outfitted with a high-quality rubber sleeve for extra comfort, the SYN6 Cricket Bat is easy to grip and hold for lengthy periods of time. This comfortable handle allows for longer practice sessions so you can enjoy playing for hours on end. Aerodynamic Blades: With a duck-tap toe rounded edges, and optimized convexity, we at SYN6 engineer each and every aspect of the bat’s blade to ensure that perfect lift. It is the smoothness of the back lift that allows you to generate greater bat speed into each of your strokes. Superb Pick-up: Each SYN6 Cricket Bat offers a precise design and shape for the best performance. This unique shape delivers superb pick-up, making the bat feel lighter than it actually is and making it easy to control when swinging and hitting the ball.

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