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SYN6 !! Launching Discount !! Training Football, Size 4, (YELLOW) for all age group kids

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<p>SYN6 Made by the manufacturers and suppliers of top global SPORTS BRANDS. Hand Stitched Ball built with the top-notch quality material, Synthetic rubber surface laminated with 3 layers of heavy canvas fabric so that it goes soft on your feet and you enjoy every Kick and is Ideal for hard ground. It comes with a dual-action pump for quick inflation and excellent airflow. The manufacturer - Sporting Syndicate Pvt. Ltd is India's Largest Sports Goods Exporting Company and has expertise in making footballs on the lines of FIFA standards. They have the patent for the best technology in flights and grip for rugby, league, soccer, and netballs.</p> <p>The Company has India's largest in house stitching center for balls, hence all the major brands prefer to deal with them due to the safety of a brand. The company lays immense emphasis on quality and services and hence, are the preferred original equipment manufacturer for the top brands in the industry.</p> <p><strong>Supreme Performance </strong></p> <p>This football from the house of SYN6 shows outstanding performance. The build and enhanced materials of the football have been providing optimum response and feel when kicked.</p> <p><strong>Intelligent Engineering </strong></p> <p>The football from the brand of SYN6 comprises a rubber outer shell. This attribute of the football translates into good bouche when used. It also exhibits a great curve in the air.</p>

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